NEW FOR 2022!
A direct waterway connection from Hanko to Örö!

The Örö fortress has been a military are for a hundred years and offers an interesting view into the history of coastal defense from the time of the Russian Tsar to the modern times.

The nature and history of Örö is unparalled: the main sights are the barracks area, the batteries and the more modern defense bases. Nature walks and cobbled roads connect the sights. If you don’t want to walk on the trails, you can choose a bicycle. It’s nice to enjoy the warmth of the sauna after an active day on the island. The archipelago is an excellent place for different activities, both for those in need of adventure and also those in need of relaxation.

The island of Örö boasts many sandy and stone beaches, gorgeous capes, beautiful grasslands and moors. The nature is astonishingly diverse and many endangered species of plants and butterflies can be found here. Heather blooms abundently in the end of the summer. An important habitat is formed by the long sandy beached and gravel beaches, where rare plants can be found. There are two nature trails on the island, a northern trail called the ‘120 mm trail’ and a southern trail called the ‘6 inch trail’. The marked trails will let you get aquainted with all of the island. The Örö island is part of the Archipelago Sea nature park, and visitors to the island are therefore given special instructions for moving on the island.

Örö Beach Cafe is situated in the harbor, and sells cold drinks and tasty snacks. The Örö Restaurant serves delicious meals, the menu includes tastes specific to the archipelago and the Nordic countries with a Mediterranean twist. The restaurant seats 100 people, so you can enjoy you meal even with a bigger group.

Örö also offers accommodation in the form of appartments and cozy group rooms as well as hostel style rooms.

Please read more about Örö on the website .

Hanko Lines operates a line to Örö from Hanko and Kasnäs on Fridays and Sundays. When travelling on the Day Cruise, the time spent on the island is 3 hours, which gives you ample time to explore the island and enjoy the guide and restaurant services.


Day Cruises from Hanko to Örö 29th June to 13th August 2022
(Wednesdays and Saturdays)

– Departure at 10 am, return to Hanko at 17 pm
– Adults 99 €, children 69 € (5-12 v., children under 5 years travel for free)
– Price includes return tickets, soup lunch and a guided tour on the island
– Travel time is only 1 hour 30 minutes
– Time on island is four hours (appr. 11.30 am to 15.30 pm)

One-way ticket for adults is 49 €, for children 39 € (5-12 v., children under 5 years travel for free).