We have answered some of our customer’s most asked questions below. If we didn’t answer your question, you can always contact us by email at info@hankolines.fi or call us at +358 (0)500 102 111.

  1. What time do I need to arrive on the boat?
    If you are travelling without a bicycle, you will need to arrive a minimum of 5 minutes before the departure. If you are travelling with a bicycle, please arrive at least 20 minutes before departure.
  2. Can I leave my bicycle bags on my bike?
    Bicycles are transported on the roof of the vessel, and the bicycle bags will need to be taken inside the vessel. The bikes should be free from all extra equipment during the transport. Please read more about transporting bicycles HERE.
  3. What kinds of weather conditions will prevent the vessel from being in traffic? How will we know if the route will be cancelled?
    If the route is cancelled, we will email all passengers who have a prebooked ticket. We will also notify of the cancellation on the front page of our webpages.
  4. Where can I book accommodiation in Hanko?
    You can book your stay in Hanko at Hotel Boat Sesta HERE.
  5. Can I take my dog with me?
    You can take a small pet with you. This means a lapdog or a cat. Transporting large dogs is unfortunately not possible due to space restrictions.
  6. Is it possible to board the vessel with a wheelchair?
    The vessel is unfortunately not suitable for the .
  7. Is there a discount for pensioners?
    We’re sorry, but all tickets for adults are sold for the same price.
  8. Can I purchase my ticket from the boat?
    Tickets must be bought beforehand from our ticket store, they are not sold on the boat.