Day Cruises to the Fortress Island of Örö start on Wednesday 29th June 2022!

A closed military base for 100 years, the fortress island of Örö displays the history of the Finnish coastal defence from the times of Peter the Great to today. Due to its history as a closed-off military island, Örö is also one of the most important concentrations of endangered species and nature types.


Travel quickly and safely into the heart of the archipelago!

Experience part of the popular Coastal Route and see some amazing scenery!

Hanko - Hiittinen - Kasnäs

The best season in Hanko is now! There’s lots to do: restaurants, beaches, the glittering sea and the sun! You can access all of our destinations from Hanko.


Kasnäs – hotel and spa, supermarket, restaurant, beaches and a lively guest harbour – an excellent destination to spend a summer day! Connections to Örö and  Bengskär!


NEW FOR 2022! A direct waterway connection from Hanko to Örö! The nature and history of Örö is unparalleled – come see for yourself!