Tickets must be bought beforehand from the ticket store, tickets cannot be bought from the boat. Please note that if you haven’t bought a ticket from the webstore before the boat traffic starts for the day, the boat might not start traffic at all or it might not stop at your stop.

NOTE! The vessel is not suitable for the disabled and pets larger than those that can travel on your lap cannot be transported. Only one suitcase/rugsack/backbag/bag per passanger.

Information about the stops can be found here! Important information for passangers traveling with a bicycle can be found here!

It’s possible to stretch you legs and take s short walk on each stop along the way, as the travel time to each destination are 5-20 minutes shorter than the transit times on the timetables.

The boat is fueled at the new fueling pier every time the boat enters Kasnäs. The fueling pier is also the departure and arrival place at Kasnäs.

Instructions for reading the timetable: Choose you departure port and a line (-) from the same row. You will see the price by choosing your destination from the same column. For example, Kasnäs-Söderlångvik: price for adults is 9 euros and for children (5-12 year old) 6 euros.

Note: routed traffic from Kasnäs to Jurmo and Utö has been cancelled for season 2021!


Hanko 9:00      
Hiittinen 10:15 24,00/17,00    
Kasnäs 10:45 29,00/20,00 9,00/6,00  
Söderlångvik 11:30 34,00/24,00 14,00/10,00 9,00/6,00
Parainen 13:00 59,00/41,00 39,00/27,00 29,00/20,00 24,00/17,00
Parainen 13:00      
Söderlångvik 14:30 24,00/17,00    
Kasnäs 15:15 29,00/20,00 9,00/6,00  
Hiittinen 15:45 34,00/24,00 14,00/10,00 9,00/6,00
Hanko 17:00 59,00/41,00 34,00/24,00 29,00/20,00 24,00/17,00
1.7.-14.8.2021 ke, to ja la NOTE! The boat goes to Parainen only on Saturdays!      
Bicycle 14,00        



Hanko 9:00      
Hiittinen 10:15 24,00/17,00    
Kasnäs 10:45 29,00/20,00 9,00/6,00  
Örö 11:30 39,00/27,00 34,00/24,00 14,00/10,00
Örö 14:30      
Kasnäs 15:15 14,00/10,00    
Hiittinen 15:45 34,00/24,00 9,00/6,00  
Hanko 20:00 39,00/27,00 29,00/20,00 24,00/17,00  
1.7.-14.8.2021 Fri & Sun        
Bicycle 14,00        


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