The Cardinal II is a fast and very seaworthy vessel, ideal for the demands of the outer archipelago traffic. The vessel has designated seats for all passengers, a coffee kiosk and a toilet. All seats have excellent views on the sea and travel is pleasant, especially during fair weather.

When catching up on schedule or when otherwise driving the boat faster than usual, the sound of the motor might be louder than usual in the passenger lounge. It might be a good idea to listen to music with headphones during these occurrences.

Please note, that this vessel in unfortunately not suitable for the disabled.

Cardinal II – Kulkuri 34

Lenght: 10,85 m
Width: 3,40 m
Depth: 1,10 m
Weight: 5 500 kg

Maximum number of passangers: 30 passangers + captain/driver (deck man if needed), bicycles can also be transported on the vessel
Cruising speed: 16-20 knots, top cruising speed: 24 knots
Year of manufacture: 1988
Engine: Iveco 400 hp

Owner: Hanko LInes/TMSJ Group Oy